~ Alice Evelyn Stock
ccADaM, Founder and President

The Committee for the Contemporary American Dance Museum welcomes you to its inaugural and historic exhibition, CREATION IN MOTION.


This first exhibition is a benchmark for those we will present in the future because of the inspired and thoughtful collaboration among Stefanie Batten Bland, Benjamin Heller, and the dancers, Miguel Anaya, Emilie Camacho, Brittany Engel-Adams, Jesse Keller, Trenard Mobley, and Raphaël Kaney Duverger.

Their collaboration provided subject matter rich in both form and imagery for the other artists, Miguel Anaya, Carol Prud'homme Davis, Kristin Kunc, Adam Miller, Antonio Lai da Teulada, and Jonathan Paul Wagner, who have eagerly and generously participated in the furthering of our mission.

Thanks to all of our participants and volunteers, and through the generosity of our donors, we have now begun to build collections of visual artworks that document, compliment, and support new contemporary American modern dances. In the years to come, through our exhibition and educational programs, we will not only expand our collections, but we will also create a new and broader audience for dance; a more educated and involved audience comprised of not just dance and art lovers, but also those who will be a potential source of advocacy for private and public funding for the arts.

You are invited to continue the experience of viewing A Place of Sun in its final form on stage by viewing CREATION IN MOTION, an exhibition of artwork and manuscript material that explores its creation.